I was amazed...

While I was up north all last week, I purchased a box of your Septo Clean for outdoor toilets. I was amazed as to how quick it took the bad odors away.
Keith Allan, Mississauga, Ontario

Thank you...

We have been using Septo Clean in our outdoor privies since 1979. The clientele we accommodate at our two Northwest Territories fly-in fishing camps not only do not mind using our outdoor facilities, but invariably comment upon the absolute lack of odor and flies.
Thank you for manufacturing a product that actually lives up to its advertising claims.
WR Bennett, Bennett’s Fly-in Lodges Nueltin Lake Manitoba/Northwest Territories

Ten years and no complaints...

We have handled Septo Clean for ten years and have found it to be everything you say it is. We have sold it to marinas, cottages and householders and never had one complaint in ten years. When you see a thing work then you know it works. When you can’t see it work then you can only draw an inference. After ten years and no complaints, I think we can draw an inference.
Robert Hawley, Hawley Hardware Ltd. Madoc, Ontario

Our customers have used Septo Clean with confidence...

As a long established wholesaler operating north of the 60th parallel, we must give careful consideration, because of our remote location, to each and every product we warehouse. Freight costs to Whitehorse are exorbitant and it is not practical to return undesirable products to our suppliers. Our inventory can only accommodate those products in which we have confidence.

Septo-clean was really the best...

A chemical engineer friend of mine introduced me to Septo Clean and I was fascinated by its effects on  sewage. My other friends asked me to try their bacteria-enzyme product but Septo Clean was really the best. I did many runs using different bacteria enzyme preparations in my laboratory and the best results were those using Septo Clean.

Honorata de Leon Mandilag, Wellington, NZ

Thanks a bunch for giving us a solution for what we are worrying about!!!

According to Ontario Ministry it is not recommended to put septic products into the system. We moved into our country home last Aug (2010) - first time we've had a well and septic system. We have a water treatment system, including ultraviolet and reverse osmosis - expensive and supposedly top of the line. However, we've had a persistent bad odour in our bathroom vanity taps from the beginning.

Finally! I found something that actually works!

I felt very compelled to write about your product. I have a cottage in a very remote area. Our only facilities is an outside outhouse. During our purchase of this cottage I have been relentless in trying to find a product to rid us of the odor and fly problems which comes with the use of the outhouse. Using the usual products such as lye, septo bac etc. I never got the results I was looking for. One day while looking though our local HomeHardware flyer I notice your product Septo Clean. Upon reading the information of this product I noticed that it was recommended for OUTHOUSES.

Thank you Septo-Clean for the peace of mind!!

I purchased a 34 year old country home in April 2012. Being a city slicker new to the country lifestyle, including well water and septic systems, I had much to learn in a panic on how to properly maintain my aging septic system. All of a sudden, my basement started to have very strong smell of septic gases and I got VERY worried about this issue and started doing some research because of my newborn daughter and 2 year old son. I called plumbers, septic service companies and no one could help me in determining why this smell was taking over my house.