Thank you Septo-Clean for the peace of mind!!

I purchased a 34 year old country home in April 2012. Being a city slicker new to the country lifestyle, including well water and septic systems, I had much to learn in a panic on how to properly maintain my aging septic system. All of a sudden, my basement started to have very strong smell of septic gases and I got VERY worried about this issue and started doing some research because of my newborn daughter and 2 year old son. I called plumbers, septic service companies and no one could help me in determining why this smell was taking over my house. This is when I happened to stumble on to this product at a local hardware store and decided to try it. I followed to instructions on the box and within hours, the smell was almost all gone and hasn't come back since. This product works and everything you see on the box is true. I am a believer and will be using Septo-Clean as part of my septic system use and maintenance. Thank you Septo-Clean for the peace of mind!!