Finally! I found something that actually works!

I felt very compelled to write about your product. I have a cottage in a very remote area. Our only facilities is an outside outhouse. During our purchase of this cottage I have been relentless in trying to find a product to rid us of the odor and fly problems which comes with the use of the outhouse. Using the usual products such as lye, septo bac etc. I never got the results I was looking for. One day while looking though our local HomeHardware flyer I notice your product Septo Clean. Upon reading the information of this product I noticed that it was recommended for OUTHOUSES. Great, I thought I would give it a try and very glad I did.
Finally! I found something that actually works. I hope I will always be able to get this great product. I have also passed the word along to all my neighbours looking for something that works. Telling them how great this product is and I have never found anything that has worked so well. Glad I came across this product.
Thank-you for a great product.
Chrisandra Ross,
Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia